Hammer Combat


Hammer Combat is bloody beat’em up game. It’s similar to Mortal Combat or Tekken. You choose one of the four heroes and then you can play Campaign or Fight.
There are five different areas. Each hero has his own special combo.
And finally – on the end of the game there is the Terrible Boss!


Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 or higher
200 MHz CPU

They wrote

Pocket4you.com [cz] :

If you are fan of games like a Mortal Kombat and all that jazz, then is Hammer Combat an ideal game for you.

FreeJava.cz [cz]

If you want to play a beat’em up game on you PocketPC, you haven’t got a lot of another choises.

Rating (of 100%): 74%

Doupe.cz [cz]

Hammer Combat is absolutely well-balanced and level of difficulty isn’t oscillating.

Rating (of 10): 6.8

Pocket PC MAG [en]

The game I played most this week: Hammer Combat

Rating (of 4): 3.0 (EXCELLENT!!!)

PocketPlayers.de [ge]

If you want a Mortal Kombat Clone, then get Hammer Combat!